Swap old Pega to the new Pega in Pegaxy: Blaze

Do you have assets in your wallet that were previously used in Pegaxy? Make use of the swap feature to claim them for use in the new game!

When you're prepared, follow this brief guide to swap your Pega from old game version to the Pegaxy: Blaze, ensuring you can fully leverage your hard-earned rewards. Let's get started!

Proceed along with these steps:

1. Visit the Pegaxy Web homepage and go to [My Assets].

2. Navigate to [Swap Asset], and select the Pega you wish to swap; you can pick multiple Pegas and swap them all at once for Pegaxy: Blaze.

3. Click on [Swap to Pega] to proceed.

4. Tap on the QR code icon to obtain a QR code for your Mirai app. If you don't have Mirai app yet, check our guide. Please note that your Mirai app wallet address should be the address you use.

5. You will be shown a QR code. Use Mirai app to scan the QR Code, and tap [Accept] on Mirai app to complete. Alternatively, manually enter your Mirai wallet address for Pegaxy: Blaze. Please note, we're not responsible for any loss if you use a different wallet.

6. Back on the web, click on the [Approve]; this is only needed for the first transactions. Then tap the [Claim] button.

7. Confirm the transaction with your MetaMask. Click on [View Transaction] for verification.

That wraps up our quick tutorial on swapping your Pega from Pegaxy to Pegaxy: Blaze. Now, dive into the arena and race with your Pega. We look forward to seeing you at the top!

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