Level Up Pega

Welcome to the realm of Pegaxy Level-Up & Fusion! Unleash the full potential of your Pega on your journey to victory. Leveling up is essential for competitive advantage, providing you with the edge needed to outperform your opponents.

Pega & Skill Upgrades

In order to upgrade a Pega and Pega’s skills, players will need...

  • VIS (Silver)

  • Part

  • Card

  • Pega

Pega Upgrade:

When your Pega levels up, its main stats and sub-stats get a 5% increase from its base stats. So, no matter how many levels your Pega gains, that 5% increase always begins from its stats at level 1. To increase the level beyond the limit, players need to Fuse Pega.

Skill Upgrade

Pega Awaken

Pega begin at Level 1, and players must utilize in-game currency called VIS (SIlver) and Part to enhance its attributes and level.

When awakening a Pega with the same breed type, each time it levels up, its main stats and sub-stats will increase by 5%, calculated from its base stats at level 1. However, if you awaken a Pega resulting in a different breed type, the base stats will be randomized again to apply to the new breed type. In this case, the base stats of the new breed type obtained from the awakening process will become the new base stats of your Pega.

Your Pega can only perform an "Awaken" upgrade after reaching level 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on.

The upgrade requires fusing two Pega.

  • Pega (Locked) can only be fused with another Pega (Locked).

  • Pega NFT can only be fused with Pega NFT.

  • If fusing Pega with different Trophies, take the Trophies of the Pega with higher points.

One Pega will serve as the base, which will be retained after the awakening process, while the other Pega will be used as material and lost in the process. For Founding Pega there's no need for the awakening process; simply upgrade it. The more you level up your base Pega you need also to level up your material Pega

1 Pega Base (Lv.10) + 1 Pega Material (Lv 1-10) => 1 Pega level 11 1 Pega Base (Lv.20) + 1 Pega Material (Lv 11-20) => 1 Pega level 21 1 Pega Base (Lv.30) + 1 Pega Material (Lv 21-30) => 1 Pega level 31 1 Pega Base (Lv.40) + 1 Pega Material (Lv 31-40) => 1 Pega level 41 ..and so on.

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