Matchmaking & Trophies

Matchmaking guarantees that players are paired with opponents of comparable skill levels, resulting in a more balanced and entertaining match for everybody.

  • Trophy Points will be the measure of a players' rating.


  • Each Pega will have its own Trophies.

  • Total Trophy of all Pega owned by a player will be that player's own Trophies.

  • If the player transfers 1 Pega with trophies, they will lose those trophies associated with that Pega. This may result in a reduction in their ranking on the leaderboard. However, if the Pega is transferred back, the trophies will be returned. Trophies follow the owner.

  • If the player sells the Pega with trophies, the trophies are deducted from the player's total. However, if the player buys back the same Pega or it is returned, the trophies are also returned.

  • When a Pega is transferred, its trophies are reset to 0. If the receiver previously owned and earned trophies on the Pega, they'll receive it with trophies.


If the average Trophies at the start of the match is lower to your Pega's trophies, then you will be considered an Underdog, and will be compensated with Trophies at the end of the match:

  • If the average trophies are 180 and your Pega's trophies are lower, you'll receive an additional 2 Trophies.

  • If the average trophies are 270 and your Pega's trophies are lower, you'll receive an additional 3 Trophies.

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