Pega Bloodlines

There are four bloodlines of Pega, each representing a different element. For now, we only have four bloodlines: Hoz, Campona, Klin, and Zan. In the future, new bloodlines will unlock. Each bloodline is identified by its wing design.

Bloodline Perks

  • Hoz (Lightning) - When your opponents attack your Pega, they’ll have X% to be slowed by X% for X second(s).

  • Campona (Fire) - Add extra X Nitro to your Pega every time it is attacked.

  • Klin (Water) - When your Pega’s skills are in cooldown, if your Pega is attacked, the cooldown will be decrease by X second(s).

  • Zan (Wind) - Add X% Dodge rate to your Pega for X second(s) after being attacked.

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