Racing & Battle:

During the race, players can grab items from crates, using them to affect other Pegas negatively or assist you on the track. Pegas also have skills to gain advantages on the race when used wisely, together with a Nitro system that can be used to speed up strategically.

Participate in various game modes available:

  • Racing Arena: Race your top Pega against 7 players on a random track. Be the first to cross the finish line for rewards.

  • Team Battle: Team up in with random players against other teams for victory.

  • Solo Battle: Control your Pega in a solo battle against 7 players on a dynamic battleground. Collect bullets strategically to score.

  • Guild Tournament Mode: Join a guild, compete in Guild Tournaments, and help your guild climb the Season Leaderboard.

In both Racing and Battle modes, 8 players compete, earning rewards based on track position and changes in trophies. Rewards can upgrade Pegas for stronger races.

Main Menu:

Outside of the race, you’re given the freedom to upgrade and customize your assets, explore the usage of equipment, leverage your Pega’s unique elements, and ensure your victory once on the track or try out other features and game modes.

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