Pegaxy Summary
Official Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) White Paper, last updated September 2021
Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP style horse racing game where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers. Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more. Using strategic upgrades, food and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platforms utility token, VIS (Vigorus).
Within the game, players are able to breed, rent, sell, and of course race their Pega to earn VIS tokens. This system has proven to be a sound long-term economic approach when building an NFT/Blockchain based game as it enables teams to build large guilds, scholarship programs, and even provides solo players the opportunity to earn a second income through daily racing.
The initial sale of 5,000 Founding Pega was held in October 2021, alongside the PGX launch via IDO in November. The first 5,000 Pega were dubbed "Founding" Pega as they were the only ones created by the Pegaxy Development team. Every Pega after #5,000 has beeen minted (created) through the breeding model inside the game.
Owners and Scholars can earn by:
  • Racing their Pega in PVP mode.
  • Selling high performing or newly born Pega on the Marketplace.
  • Renting-out their Pega in the Rental Marketplace for a share of racing profit or fixed term rental.
  • Collecting rare "Founding" and "Crowned" Pega and reselling through marketplace price speculation.
  • Competing in Pegaxy's global competition, "The Grand Dash". This competition takes place over 12 months, concluding in December, in which the top 12 racers of every class (60 total/month), compete in a series of events until the top 15 racers are identified at the Grand final in December (top 3 of each class). The top 15 will receive generous PGX rewards.
  • On release in late 2022, players will be able to stake their PGX tokens inside the community treasury for rewards.
Pegaxy Fundamentals:
  • The Pegaxy Metaverse is built on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution and utilises the dual token economic model initially introduced by Axie Infinity in late 2020. The governance token is PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and, as mentioned, the utility token is VIS (Vigorus).
  • The game will be released in 2D and transition to 3D once testing is complete, and compatibility with low-end android devices is confirmed.
  • Mobile gameplay is the primary focus of racing development.
  • Enabling large scale scholarship programs and guild growth through the in-game economic model is at the forefront of importance. This creates widespread opportunity for those in developing countries to access the game for free, and earn during the global pandemic. This aligns heavily with our team ethos.
  • Through community involvement and eventual governance, the Pegaxy game direction and development will be dictated by the players.
Pegaxy Vision
Through strategic development and community insights, Pegaxy aims to become the home of horse racing in the Metaverse, while simultaneously providing an ecosystem where users are able to play, socialise and work in the same space.
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