Pegaxy: Blaze

Welcome to Pegaxy: Blaze, a thrilling horse racing mobile game where you and seven other racers compete for the top placement. Utilize your elements, skills, and manuever your way into victory to increase your prestige. Upgrade and strategize to your hearts content, and claim the top spot in leaderboards.

Pegaxy is well respected within the industry for its innovation in on-chain technology and well weighted economic balance. Many also attribute its popularity to the gameplay, team transparency and community involvement during the development process.

Owners can earn by:

  • Trading NFTs on the Marketplace.

  • Collecting rare Pega NFTs and reselling through marketplace price speculation.

  • Participation in Tournaments.

  • Trading seats and fractions through Shards.

Pegaxy Fundamentals:

  • The Pegaxy Metaverse was previously built on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution, utilizing a dual token economic model initially introduced by Axie Infinity in late 2020. The governance token is PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and the utility token is VIS (Vigorus).

  • Pegaxy, in conjunction with our other products has successfully transitioned to our very own Mirai Chain, an Avalanche subnet. This move secured substantial backing from Avalanche, alongside prominent web3 firms and organizations.

  • The game was released in 2D and has since then transitioned to 3D once testing was complete, and will expand further.

  • Mobile gameplay is the primary focus of games development.

  • Enabling large scale operations and guild growth through the in-game economic model is at the forefront of importance. This creates widespread opportunity for those wanting to access the game for free and aligns heavily with our team ethos.

  • Through community involvement and eventual governance, the Pegaxy game direction and development will be dictated by the players.

Pegaxy Vision

Through strategic development and community insights, Pegaxy aims to become the home of horse racing in the Metaverse, while simultaneously providing an ecosystem where users are able to play, socialise and work in the same space.

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