Race Rules

Clear communication of the rules is key to establishing a successful and fair race for all Pega.

Read on to find out what to expect from beginning to end of a thrilling race in Pegaxy.

Race Start

  • All Pegas start simultaneously at the starting line when the game counts "3, 2, 1, GO!"

Race Finish

  • A Pega that reaches the finish line after three laps counts as finishing the race.

  • The time and position of the finishing Pega are updated and displayed immediately.

  • After receiving the rewards, the player returns to the main menu.

Disconnection Cases

  • If a player disconnects during the start of the race, they can still reconnect and continue the race, but their Pega will be at the starting line.

  • If a player disconnects during the race, their Pega will still be in the race and receive interactions from other elements (e.g., other Pegas, skills, items).

Overall, these rules ensure that the race is fair and that disconnected players can still participate and receive their rewards.

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