Mirai Labs

Mirai Labs (The Developer & Publisher)

At Mirai Labs, we specialize in Web3 Game Development, boasting a team of talented members worldwide. Our flagship game “Pegaxy” was founded in February 2021, since then, we've successfully onboarded over 70 full-time staff across various roles, including Product Owners, Game Designers, Economists, Blockchain Developers, Unity Developers, HR, Customer Support, User Acquisition and more. Our growth reflects the dynamic and diverse nature of Mirai Labs' endeavors.

Corey, one of the brains behind Mirai Labs, wears multiple hats. Handling stakeholder relations and decision-making, he's the guy ensuring everything aligns with our vision, strategy, and objectives. He played a pivotal role in launching their first game, Pegaxy, with 500,000+ users and $200 million in trading of in-game assets on the Polygon network. Corey also co-founded TacToys, the largest e-commerce toy gun store in Australia.

A technical mastermind, Steve leads development, blockchain products, and the technical team. He brings nearly 15 years of IT experience, having served 10 years as CTO at Appota Group, a tech company with over 55 million users. Steve and Appota created Gamota, one of Vietnam's largest game publishers.

VP of Game Product - Pham Duy Khuong

As the Vice President of the Game Product, Khuong holds a pivotal role in steering our gaming projects to success. With a profound understanding of the gaming industry, strong leadership, and strategic acumen, he ensures triumphant realization. With over a decade of experience at VNG alone, he's spearheaded successful projects like Thần Khúc, Gunny, Tây Du Truyền Kỳ, Thông Thiên Tây Du, Huyết Chiến Tam Quốc, and Bomb Crypto at Senspark. Khuong's expertise, honed at goGame and VNG Corporation, is a driving force behind our world-class innovations.

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