Fabled Tokens
Your key to greatness
Fabled tokens are a very powerful tool for those lucky enough to have them in their possession. They give players the ability to evolve their normal Pega, into a Crowned Pega.
They were earned by referring a person to the Pegaxy platform and having them purchase at minimum, one Pega. Fabled Tokens do not expire or disappear, they remain in your wallet until they are used and burned (destroyed) or sold on the peer to peer marketplace. You can attempt to evolve a Pega at any point in time. Fabled tokens are an ERC20 token on the Polygon Chain.
The tokens are limited to 4,000 and the maximum amount of attempts at evolution is 800. Calculation: 4,000 Fabled Tokens / 5 Tokens Per attempt = 800 Maximum Crowned Pega in circulation if all evolutions are successful. We predict less than 50% of attempts are successful.
During the event, only 722 Fabled tokens were claimed, this is the total supply. You can verify this through the Fabled Token contract here: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xe13ce0813fa21512780ef11bd35e7b9b0fbc65f2
As mentioned above, Fabled Tokens are burnt (destroyed) on use, this means the token circulating supply gradually reduces over time, creating more scarcity in the market.
Let's say you earned 20x Fabled Tokens during the event, this means you can attempt to evolve up to 4 Pega if all are successful the first attempt. If your evolution succeeds, you can not attempt it again on the newly Crowned Pega. You will need to then try on another non-Crowned Pega.
It should be noted that you are not guaranteed to successfully evolve your Crowned Pega, the probability calculations are in the table below:
Crowned Pega Parts
Single Crowned
Double Crowned
Triple Crowned
Quad Crowned
Penta Crowned
It should also be noted that Crowned Pega parts can not be inherited by their children, meaning if all Fabled Tokens are used, then no more Crowned Pega can ever be made.
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