Pre-Race Preparation

Before the race, players must attempt to balance their Pega according to the tracks elemental variables.
Before moving forward, it should be noted that all races are free to enter, and no fee is required to race. The minimum requirement to participate in a race is one Pega.
Once you enter the Pegaxy game, you simply need to click the "Race" tab. Continue by choosing between the two modes Pegaxy has available (Standard VIS or Drop Racing), proceed by selecting the lobby element of best suited for your Pega, then click "Ready" and you will be instantly pushed into a lobby with a track that has variables that you are not able to view until inside the race.
  • Select "Race"
  • Choose between Standard VIS or Drop Racing mode.
  • Select Lobby Element and Ready.
  • Wait for lobby to fill.
  • Once the countdown is complete, the race will begin.