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Pega Stats

Your unique Pega has its stats, know them to race effectively.
Stats are values that measure a Pega's performance and skills; these stats assess a range of race-specific qualities.
Understand your Pega's strengths and weaknesses in order to come out on top with your own strategies.

Pega's 3 Main Stats

  • Speed: The higher the stat, the higher the maximum speed.
  • Acceleration: The higher the stat, the shorter the acceleration time from 0 to maximum speed.
  • Turn: The higher the stat, the faster the turn, has an advantage in races with elbows.
Main stats when added together will always sum to 100.

Pega's 4 Sub Stats

  • Fire: Increases the time when using items (picked on the way) to speed up.
  • Water: Reduces slow down duration, increases enemy slow down duration.
  • Lightning: Reduces stunned duration, increases opponent stunned duration.
  • Wind: Increases the maximum speed value when running behind another Pega.
The maximum Sub Stats a Pega can have will depend on its rarity.