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Skill-Based Pega Racing

Race to the best of your ability and win against your competitors!
3, 2, 1, GO! Your Pega is currently racing against 7 other people! Control your Pega and use their unique skills to activate Pega abilities as you race for victory.
The final position of a player’s Pega within the race determines whether their Trophies increase or decrease.

Pega Swap

There are two options to swap your Pega
  • Use VIS (Silver) and one old Pega to get one new Pega of the same rarity and bloodline.
  • Exchange items or old Pega to get points, which can be used to purchase chests.


During the race, players can pick up items contained in mysterious crates and use these items to have a beneficial effect on their own Pega or a detrimental impact on other players' Pega.
The pace at which items arrive on the track will change based on the lap number of the leading Pega, which means that when the leading Pega completes more laps, the rate at which items spawn will rise, making it easier for other Pega to catch up and compete.
Another box item will appear in that exact location after a certain amount of time has passed.


The Pega has distinct abilities that players can use to get an edge and win the race. A Nitro system also allows players to accelerate their Movement, providing an additional boost when needed.
The power of these Skills will also be affected by:
  • The Rarity of the Pega.
  • The Upgrade Level of the Skill.


Players can use their rewards to upgrade their Pega, strengthening them for future races.