The Pega Burn mechanic for higher rewards.
Pegaxy's Fusion Mechanic
Merging your Pega is a feature, and it leads to potentially higher VIS rewards! This is all possible due to Pegaxy's innovative burn mechanism: "Fusion"
When you fuse two of your Pega of the same breed type, the result is a Pega with one rarity higher than its previous. High rarity Pega participates in races with higher rewards.
Learn more information about Breed Types here.

Different Lobby Rewards

Pacer: 70 VIS
1st: 42 VIS 2nd: 18 VIS 3rd: 10 VIS
Rare: 210 VIS
1st: 126 VIS 2nd: 53 VIS 3rd: 31 VIS
Epic: 570 VIS
1st: 342 VIS 2nd: 142 VIS 3rd: 86 VIS
Legendary: 1550 VIS
1st: 930 VIS 2nd: 388 VIS 3rd: 232 VIS

Costs for Fusion

Pega Required
VIS Cost
PGX Cost
2 Pacer Pega
1 Rare Pega with 2/7 Breed Count
2 Rare Pega
1 Epic Pega with 3/7 Breed Count
2 Epic Pega
1 Legendary Pega with 4/7 Breed Count
For Pega Bloodline, the resulting Pega always has the “lower” bloodline, this is similar to the breeding mechanic. A Hoz fused with a Zan will result in a Zan.
It should be noted that costs could be subject to change depending on the game's economy.


Q. Can we Merge while Pegas are on racing or breeding cooldown?
A. Yes, as there is no Pega Fusion Cooldown.
Q. Will my Pega have any Cooldowns after Fusion?
A. No, your Pega will be able to race, breed, or merge immediately after fusion.
Q. Are stats randomized?
A. Yes, stats are random.
Q. Is gender randomized?
A. Yes, gender is random.