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Matchmaking & Trophies

Trophies keep the competition alive!
Matchmaking guarantees that players are paired with opponents of comparable skill levels, resulting in a more balanced and entertaining match for everybody.
  • Trophy Points will be the measure of a players' rating.
Matchmaking facilitates a competitive racing experience for Pegaxians while also providing a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.


  • Each Pega will have its own Trophies.
  • Total Trophy of all Pega owned by a player will be that player's own Trophies.
  • If the player transfers 1 Pega away, this player will lose that Pega's Trophies. This may be cause for reduction in ranking on the leaderboard.
  • A transferred Pega’s Trophies will be reset to 0.


The matchmaking system will put players looking for a match if they use Pega with the same Trophy range in the same room.
After each unsuccessful search period, the system will increase the Trophy gap to make it easier to find other players, for example +/- 100.
Players can cancel the matchmaking process when insufficient players are found for a match.
When the countdown is complete, the loading screen will appear.
After loading, the player will be taken to the race screen to start the match.